Timeless Classics - Leather Bomber Jackets and Classic Leather Zip Jackets

Published: 08th February 2011
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Leather bomber jackets are big again this year, good for days when it is chilly but you only require something comfortable to keep your top half warm in style. And celebs are queuing up to show off leather jackets this season. Cheryl Cole, Kimberley Stewart, Sienna Miller, Daisy Lowe and more have been noticed wearing a leather jacket, with biker jackets and blouson jackets the biggest hitters.

For women, the leather bomber jacket is certainly a versatile fashion item. Once upon a time leather jackets were the territory of rebels, biker chicks, punks and rockers. Nowadays celebrities and style authorities are teaming stylish leather jackets with feminine dresses, floaty skirts, tiny skirts and skimpy tops. Modern short leather jackets are girly, quirky and pretty.

Men are wearing short leather jackets, classic leather zip jackets and leather bomber jackets the same way. A leather jacket goes great with skinny jeans, smart trousers, cut-offs, shorts... they're no more the exclusive territory of rebels and bikers. They're the latest in high street and catwalk cool.

Now that the Christmas season is well behind us, there are numerous fantastic leather bomber jacket deals around. Particularly online, which saves you trawling through countless shops searching for the perfect leather jacket .

Timeless leather bomber jackets possess a stylish and comfortable elasticated rib knit waistband, rib knit collars and cuffs. There is however plenty of thrilling new styles developing that break with tradition, taking leather jackets to a whole new place. Goodbye conventional features, hello to innovative and unique looks including leather collars and leather cuffs.

If you'd like a smart casual leather jacket with a designer or slightly sporty feel, a classic zip jacket might be more up your street. Zip jackets with gently elasticated waists - usually all leather-covered - are usually called 'blouson jackets' and tend to feature button cuffs and fold down collars. Classic biker jackets feature zip-up styles with cool, plain-finished sleeves and on-trend straight waists, with no elastic waistband in sight. And as well as standard collars you can pick up wonderfully stylish jackets with neat Nehru collars, also called the 'short stub collar'. Whatever your decision, make sure you put quality on top of your list!

For women, the leather bomber jacket is an ideal choice. For men, a classic zip jacket might be more up your street. You can find both at UK Leather Jackets, the leading UK leather jackets online shop.

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